Electrical Design Technology, Inc. has been a leading supplier of low, medium, and high voltage power distribution equipment since 1984.  As a “one-stop-shop”, EDT has provided equipment, such as transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, panelboards, equipment buildings, and instrumentation systems, to government, commercial, and industrial projects throughout North America and around the World.  We also specialize in improving projects by working with consulting engineers in design and/or technical specification writing, as well as providing value engineering to our clients after the project is awarded.  In addition to supplying equipment, our services include submittals, component lists, field coordination and testing, project management, and customer service to facilitate the integration of all equipment.

EDT has strategic alliances with U.S. manufacturers as well as a select number of foreign manufacturers.  Products provided are built to the user’s specifications, and the materials are purchased by us.  Coordinating the materials in-house ensures timely delivery and proper application of equipment.

Unlike distributors, manufacturers’ agents, or other suppliers, EDT holds a unique position in the field, as we are not bound by contractual obligations to our vendors.  This enables us the freedom to choose the highest quality and most appropriate equipment for each project, being unbiased in our choices.

Innovative products are only one part of this equation.  Providing stellar customer service, in the form of technical consulting and support, is another integral part of the success of EDT.  We are able to assist our clients directly and immediately, and are not dependent on the manufacturer’s service department with their often, very full schedule.  Our dedicated customer teams ensure that your project is supported throughout the project’s lifetime. 

By combining leading-edge technology, “one-stop-shopping”, engineering expertise and dedicated customer service, you can receive all of your power equipment requirements from a unique, single source, EDT.  This is the Power of One . . . This is EDT.


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