BART Oakland Emergency Generator (OEG) Project

BART trains run entirely on electricity and the infrastructure that distributes electric power throughout the system is aging and in need of restoration. This program replaces and upgrades backup power supplies to create safe and reliable train operations, which requires an uninterrupted supply of power at BART facilities. This project replaces the aging emergency generator that is crucial to its Central Operations Control Center. The generator project provides traction power to maintain system operability for trains within the Transbay Tube in the event of an emergency, permitting egress from the facility by trains to the nearest station. This project ensures continuous power to train control equipment during power outages.

The work included management and coordination to provide a 4.16kV, 2.5MW emergency generator system along with associated 4160V switchgear and 480V switchgear/switchboard lineup along with the required transformers grounding, and improvements to mechanical and civil/structural facilities.

EDT provided BART with:

- Power Distribution Center ( pictured above ) including 5 KV Switchgear, Battery System and UPS, HVAC

- Secondary Unit Substations including Switchgear and 5 KV Transformers

- Low Voltage Switchboards

- Temporary Power Distribution Package including Transformer and Switchboards

- Automatic Transformer Switches

- Panelboards

‚Äč - Dry Type Distribution Transformers

- 1600A Busway

Port of Oakland
530 Water St
Oakland, CA 94607
United States