Mobile Substations

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Designed for Traction Power municipalities and operators. Provides a fully self-contained, turnkey resource to upgrade, rebuild, and retrofit existing substations without loss of power. No need to reallocate expensive alternative resources (i.e. diesel busses), reduce revenue services, or create rider hardships.

Engineered and built to ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, OSHA, ASTM standards on a custom DOT approved fully self-contained weatherized trailer to operate in any condition. Complete with self-powered hydraulic leveling system, SCADA, fire & security, integrated battery bank, dielectric insulated floor, climate control.


  • Up to 5MW
  • Input voltage of choice up to 38KV
  • 615VDC output switchgear (other voltages available)
  • Custom SCADA, Alarm, Security, Fire packages to interface with existing systems and can be designed to matchup with specific needs
  • Nema-3R with walk-in service aisle so the Substation can be worked on/operated in any condition
  • Self-contained control power with integrated battery bank
  • Built to applicable ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, OSHA, ASTM standards and can be customized to any local special requirements
  • Ventilated as needed. Conditioned / heated air optional
  • Dielectric insulated flooring
  • Relaying as specified by customer customized to your needs
  • Optional incoming separate switchgear (ground mounted on movable skid) with Utility metering if needed for separate incoming service. (Provide AC control power for substation if not otherwise available).

We recognize that customers systems are often unique and specific to applications and sites. Our self-contained Traction Power Mobile Substation is designed to customer requirements and to accommodate any configuration.


  • Length: 58’ with removable gooseneck
  • Width: 14’
  • Weight: 120,000 lbs
  • Steerable rear axle available for extreme maneuverability

Catalogs and Datasheets

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