SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


PRISM–Precise Real-time Information Systems Management—offers the most comprehensive suite of real time SCADA applications available on the market. The system can be scaled without the need to replace expensive equipment. PRISM SCADA’s advanced applications can easily grow with your needs:

Our PRISM SCADA software applications carry the following features:

- Compliant with applicable industry standards such as Open Software Foundation (OSF)
- Written in C++
- Modular in design
- Interacts with the real-time database through a well-defined Real-Time Database Manager (RTDBM).
- Runs on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, providing full compatibility with all ACS products and other third-party solutions.*
- Virtually no limit to the data capacity of the system, allowing you to accommodate larger database sizes as the need grows.
- Advanced Control Systems supplies an API to the real-time database to facilitate third-party application development.
- Powerful GUI

PRISM SCADA includes:

- PRISM SCADA Operator Interface
- PRISM SCADA Database & Display Editor
- PRISM SCADA Alarm Management
- PRISM SCADA Enhanced Tagging
- PRISM SCADA Areas of Responsibility
- PRISM SCADA Command Interpreter
- PRISM SCADA Sequence of Events
- PRISM SCADA Historic Data Collection
- PRISM SCADA Reporting
- PRISM SCADA Trending
- Cybersecurity